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FREE SHIPPING within the United States ON ALL ORDER!!!
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About Us

Karen Ferrer, Fashion Designer and Goldsmith, is the founder of the firm that bears her name. For over 14 years, she has worked extensively in the international market. With each of her pieces Karen Ferrer seeks to meet the needs of the avant-garde woman, who wants to be and feel unique, always looking to extol her beauty.

She presents a wide variety of jewelry, carefully crafted by hand, using the finest techniques, creativity and inventiveness, making each piece, an artistic treasure of incalculable value. Her vocation as a designer started at age 17, while living in Belgium. On her return to Venezuela, she began studying Fashion Design where she excelled thanks to her dedication to create accessories that complement her collections. Upon graduation, she decided to specialize in jewel making and began studying the intricacies of becoming a goldsmith.

Today, she continues to specialize as she believes jewelry is a field that has no limits and one that she is very passionate about.


For Karen Ferrer, inspiration does not always have the same starting point. The muse presents itself in different times and ways, from the mood she is in, a trip, an object or any material that feeds her imagination. Her passion for the nature of stones and geometric shapes leads her to dream and visualize unique pieces of timeless design.


Our pieces are characterized by elegance, exclusiveness and timelessness. Each is designed so that it can be worn during the day or with an evening gown. Our designs are not guided by «trends of the moment» or «the season», so a piece made 5 years ago may perfectly be worn today without any risk of being or feeling «old fashioned».